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Reward your club members for referrals and watch your wine club sales grow. Awesome Club Referrals is built for Commerce7 and is the easiest way to grow your wine club.

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Introducing Awesome Club Referrals

The referral platform for the modern, tech-forward winery on Commerce7

Empower Advocates

Enable your members to share their wine club experience with friends and family, driving sales and expanding your customer base.

Cost-Efficient Acquisition

Utilize referrals to decrease customer acquisition costs, leveraging the most cost-efficient acquisition channel.

Boost Loyalty

Increase wine club membership retention rates by bringing in members through referrals, proven to be the most loyal acquisition channel.

Streamline Operations

Save valuable time by automating workflows and administrative tasks, thus streamlining operations for your winery staff.

Tailored to your Winery

Awesome Club Referrals has a full suite of features to help you grow your club

Quick Setup

Aimed to be set up and launched within 30 minutes, we make it easy to introduce a referral program.

Your Brand

We make it easy to maintain brand consistency by customizing your referral program with your winery's logo, fonts, and colors.

Monitor Performance

Monitor the growth of your Club in real-time; Awesome Club Referrals makes it easy to grow your club.

Built from the Ground up for Wineries

With a direct and seamless integration with Commerce7, Awesome Club Referrals is the perfect tool to build your club referral program


No transaction fees. No hidden costs. Just a simple monthly subscription to help you grow your wine club.

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For Commerce7 Wineries

$199 $99 /mo

✓ Unlimited Referrals

✓ Custom Branding

✓ Automated Rewards

Ready to Watch Your Wine Club Thrive?

Start fostering a community of wine lovers who are excited to spread the word. Install Awesome Referrals today and transform your customers into ambassadors with ease.

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